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Kenya is considered as one of the best tourist attraction sites in the world. With its strategic location in the horn of Africa, it is home to beautiful sceneries, variety of national parks with wild animals, waterfalls, mountains and many other attractions. It is only in Kenya where the great wildebeest migration takes place yearly and people from around the globe troop to Kenya to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of wild beast migration. The country has favorable climate which is suitable to every nationality and is also rich with culture that is appealing and friendly to visitors. There are various attraction sites and fancy sceneries to enjoy in Kenya.

5 Days Naivasha, Nakuru and Mara Safari

Your visit to Kenya will not be complete and exciting without visiting Naivasha which is considered as one of the best tourist attraction destinations in Kenya. There are stunning plains with dozens of magnificent attractions that are eye catchy and interesting. The first stop in the tour to Naivasha is the famous Lake Naivasha which is one of the fresh water lakes found in Kenya. The Lake is also home to Hippos and other animals. Hell’s Gate National Park is also within the environs, with plenty of wild animals and trees that are stunning and amazing.

After enjoying Naivasha, proceed to Nakuru where visitors will be spoilt for choice with plenty of amazing attractions and breathtaking natural features to look at. Lake Nakuru National Park is home to millions of birds and wild animals of different species and kinds. The lake is synonymous with plenty of beautiful flamingoes which as branded the lake “The Beautiful Lake”. The Hyrax Hill Museum is a pre-historic site found in Nakuru where tourists will see ancient artifacts and culture of Kenyan People. The area also hosts Lord Egerton Castle which he built for his lover only for her to reject his proposal. The castle is an outstanding monument located in a beautiful landscape which is the best tourist attraction site in Nakuru.

The five day visit will not be complete without visiting The Mara. Here, you will find the famous Mara Elephant Conservancy which is a project aimed at studying movements and behavior of Elephants. Here visitors will get a chance to get close to Elephants and understand them more. The Mara is also endowed with variety of animals including African baboons, birds and many others. There is no special way to wind a five day tour than taking a walk in The Mara Plain and winding the day at one of the posh lodges and Spas near the Mara.

4 Days Masai Mara Safari

Masai Mara is one of the largest tourist sites in Kenya and Africa at large. This is where visitors will get a chance to witness the famous wild beast migration. Masai Mara National Park has all types of wild animals including lions, tigers, giraffes, Elephants, Leopards, Zebras, birds, rodents and many others. Visitors will get a chance to enjoy Game Drives where they will be taken to wildlife rich spots and even get near enough to wild animals. It will be sizzling for one to get near to a lion, leopard or even a Elephant.

Visitors will also enjoy Balloon safaris which is a fantastic way to enjoy the entire Masai Mara National Park on a birds view for approximately an hour. Walking safaris is another great way to explore Masai Mara. One will get a chance to walk through the Park guided by friendly guides and enjoy exploring the ecosystem as you get some exercise.


Discovering Kenya in a 10 Day Safari

It is the most sizzling and wonderful experience to take a tour to Kenya. With all the natural features, escarpments and fancy hotels and restaurants, it is no doubt the best tourist destination to reckon. The famous Nairobi National Park located a few kilometers from the city will be the first stop. This is where tourist will find all wild animals and birds. Nairobi Animal Orphanage is also the best attraction.

Samburu Game Reserve, Abardere Mountains, MT. Kenya, MT. Longonot and other natural features will no doubt feature in a list of sites to visit. Diani Beach in Mombasa which is a famous sand bathing spot is an ideal place to wind up the safari as you experience the beauty and the appealing weather of the coast.

All visitors are welcomed to have the most sizzling and amazing tour of Kenya which is filled with exciting attraction spots and will be guided by experienced and friendly guides.

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