Planning your trip to Kenya

Trip advisory

Kenya is one of the most well- known tour destinations in Africa, the country has attracted many adventures and explores as well . It is renowned for its great diversity of landscape , attractive animals , culture and also provides areas for hiking and thus enhancing a good and a beautiful conducive environment for tourist . Before you make arrangements of traveling to Kenya one need to set up plans that will offer a guide to the place. Below are ways of how to plan a trip to Kenya.

Book tour

It is important for you to do some research on all major attractions sites found in the country. Kenya is diverse in terms of culture and one need to specifically have a look at all tour options available. This can be achieved by doing a great research on various attraction site and come up specifically with areas you desire to visit. You can contact a travel agent that will help you to make arrangements and from that point one is able to ask all the requirements concerning the place. Remember booking a tour gives you a clear picture of the place and enable you to make well- based preparations and declines all states of being confused once u arrive in the country.

Fulfill passport and Visa requirements?

All international travels require one to have a valid passport for around 6 months prior to the intended holiday. It is important for you to check and give a look to the visa and ensure all things are in order to avoid all inconvenience that may interfere with your trip. In case you are coming from some of the African countries , Turkey or Jamaica probably there is no need for a visa if you are visiting for less than 30 days. For those who may require referrals visa, they need to wait for a period of 6-8 weeks before they are processed. It is important to communicate or discuss with a reliable travel agent once you make a decision to travel to ensure you are familiar with all the requirements. Ensure you have photocopies of your passport, arrange for their certification by a police officer or court officials.

Health and Security

It is important to note that when you making a travel to Kenya ensure you have made an appointment with your doctor or any clinic available to you and confirm the type of immunization that you may probably require. Having a travel to Kenya may need you to have various precautions against diseases like Yellow Fever, Tetanus , Hepatitis or Typhoid as well. When traveling to Kenya it is absolute of good help to take precautions and preventive measures against Malaria. You may chat your clinic officer upon all available anti-malaria medication as well. Protective measures are also advisable like wearing protective clothing or you may purchase a mosquito repellent.

Travel insurance

You may also need to have a look at all available travel and medical insurance because you don?t know what may happen while you are away from home. Some medical companies may require you to notify them in advance that you will be leaving your home country, in addition, some banks may offer travel insurance if you ensure your trip is booked using credit cards.

What you need to buy for the trip

Probably this might be your most exciting part that you need to look at. In case you are visiting safari, it is important to have lightly colored clothing to ensure you will not disturb the animals and that you blend into the background. Ensure you pack clothes that match with the climate of the country.

Money and budgeting

It is important to be familiar with the currency of Kenya in terms of what money probably do they use. Kenya uses shilling and you need to know the current currency depending on the country you are traveling from. Once you are aware of the currency you can now do your budgeting depending on the activities that you may wish to accomplish. It is advisable when budgeting to have a look on food, transport, accommodation and the cost of the various site you wish to visit.

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